Joomla vs WordPress

By in Code, Community on July 23, 2009

It’s been a long time coming. I finally made the transition to WordPress from my joomla site with a little help from this nifty script. My site is essentually a `blog¬¥as they call it so I thought I would start using the best blogging system out there. I think joomla still stands strong if you want to create a community site or¬†eCommerce sites. For a site that runs solely as a blog you should use wordpress. This article has a pretty harsh view of joomla, but gives a great overview of CMS¬¥s. This site details a comparison of the two! Here’s five reason’s why!

Another reason for making the transition was to fiddle with the wordpress API and it seems there is endless possibilities. In the future I would like to build a flash based version of my site retreaving the data from wordpress. I did a little research and found this guy has done a good job of it. I would assume there would be some restrictions in terms of html tags and embedding of video’s.