Here is an inspiration sketch after seeing this doco about this crazy norwegian artist called Terje Brofos. He has some pretty amazing work


Some more fresh work coming direct from Smythesdale via Anne Langdon.

Oslo LUX 2011

Looking forward to this. I remember when squid soup used to be the pioneers of director based gaming. At the intersections of light, space and interaction :: one day seminar :: 21st January 2011

iPad light painting

By far the most interesting use of the ipad so far. I like the digital in the real world effect – read more about it here!

Visuelt 2010

I just spent two days here in Oslo at a seminar called visuelt with the theme of fast forward//rewind.
Overall I thought the first day was the best! Eike K√∂nig from Hort based in Germany gave a very honest and inspiring story of the history of his studio. Joel Lewis from www.hellicarandlewis.com and www.yesyesno.com was very enthused about all new ways of interaction and projection based technology. Siggi Eggertsson from Iceland had his whole speech in a computer voice (very strange!) – not to say his illustration work wasn’t interesting. One more worth mentioning is Joshua Hirsch from Big Spaceship – he talked a lot about making real time for personal projects within his company. I am now officially inspired! See a comprehensive overview here!

Data visualization

There’s been a lot in the world of motion of late to do with data visualization. I think there is something very interesting about taking real-world data and creating art out of it. Onedotzero Festival Identity is a nice example of using tweets to create a nice looking bit of motion. To gather current data (of even real time) that means nothing to most people and then transform it into something that has more meaning to your average joe blog. I really enjoyed the following examples… especially in light of the recent European ash storm!


Mr Doob’s Harmony is really refreshing. Can’t wait to try it out with a wacom.
Here is an example
of what you can do.

Chris Jordan Photography

Came across this great collection of works be Cris Jordan.
It reminded me of an exhibition of works I saw a while back in Barcelona by Thomas Bayrle.

Anne Langdon – Artist

I have made some updates to annelangdon.com. I hope you can take a look!
After a long time coming I¬† finally had a chance to dabble in some AS3 programming. A few slick components, namely slideshow pro and thumbgrid (a nice addon) – as well as another nice addon for the iphone called ishowpro, I think the site is really taking shape. It led me to think about why iphone doesn’t support flash player in safari on iphone and to the question ‘will flash ever support iphone?’ I suppose all the iphone dev people would be out of a jobb when it happens!


Great papervision experimental stuff from MR DOOB


I really love the graphic design work of hellofreaks


Some very nice motion work by Dutch group onesize


Some brilliant flash experimental stuff from http://www.levitated.net/


Interesting flash experiments atyugop

anne langdon

annelangdon.com launches art folio site – check it out!