I really love these mind bending idents from ManvsMachine for 4seven.

Visuelt 2011

It was a pretty inspiring day at Visuelt this year. The stand out for for me was Dino Dos Santos, a Portuguese typeface designer from dstype who showed some truly inspirational work.
I also really enjoyed this stunning animation called The External World from David OReilly

iPad light painting

By far the most interesting use of the ipad so far. I like the digital in the real world effect – read more about it here!

Visuelt 2010

I just spent two days here in Oslo at a seminar called visuelt with the theme of fast forward//rewind.
Overall I thought the first day was the best! Eike K√∂nig from Hort based in Germany gave a very honest and inspiring story of the history of his studio. Joel Lewis from www.hellicarandlewis.com and www.yesyesno.com was very enthused about all new ways of interaction and projection based technology. Siggi Eggertsson from Iceland had his whole speech in a computer voice (very strange!) – not to say his illustration work wasn’t interesting. One more worth mentioning is Joshua Hirsch from Big Spaceship – he talked a lot about making real time for personal projects within his company. I am now officially inspired! See a comprehensive overview here!

Macro Kingdom

Thought I would share this amazing Macro universe by clemento.


After finding this nice collection of infographics, it lead me in finding this cool visual reprentation of Irak and then spending way too much time getting lost in all the nice images posted on ffffound. It also triggered some thoughts on creating an interactive resume based on life/time…

Type stuff

I think I’m becoming increasingly interested in type.
I thought I would post a few nice uses I have come across recently.
This one uses flickr images to create words within a slide show http://www.typographykicksass.com/
Google Maps Typography. And finally a really slick piece of work from Cocoe.

Film titles unearthed!

I’ve always had a keen interest in title’s for feature films.This site and this post show a great selection of some excellent title sequence. Enjoy!

Breathtaking Typography!

I thought this was a great link. I am really growing in appreciation for great uses of typography.

Type in motion

These type in motion projects keep popping up like this pulp fiction example – here is some interesting info. http://wisdump.com/design/motion-typography-4-approaches-to-kinetic-text/

theloupe reg

Finally theloupe reg is in beta stages. Thanks to Langdonlorraine
Download for Mac or PC